Gujarati Name : નાનો હંજ

Scientific Name : Phoenicopterus minor (Phoeniconaias minor)

Red Data Status : Near Threatened

Bird Category : Herons, Egrets, Storks, Bittern, Ibis and Flamingos

Synonyms :

Photographer : Jaysukh Parekh

Location : near Anajar , Kutch

Camera Model : NIKON D810

Exposure Time: 0.001 s (1/2000)

F Number : f/9.0

ISO : 640

Date : 10 ,Oct 2019

Remark : cloaca is the single opening for birds digestive urinary and reproductive system.male transfers sperm through cloaca by rubbing its cloaca on females cloaca.cloaca is on the lower abdomen. during breeding season it remains swallen so that male can transfer sperms easily. I think mating of Flamingo is little uncommon to watch as they might perform this behavior at the Rann of Kutch a only nesting site in Asia? and it is almost impossible for common men to reach there. here in picture 1 male has jumped over female to mat.see the swollen cloaca of female .female invites male and trying to adjust its cloaca for male. see picture 2 after jumping/riding on female male trys to balance and than comes little down so that its cloaca can come closer to female. after that male moves its body left to right and search cloaca of female, they does this behavior 4 -5 times.flaps wings and continue mating. see picture 3 I think this is perfect mating see the females undertail feathers on right side fully up and the male is riding exactly where the females cloaca this time male stops left right movment but concentrate at same place by flapping wings see mixed picture 3 all the pictures are of perfect mating. and after mating male unrides from front side after walking on females back or jumping from it.see swollen and perhaps wet cloaca in picture 4


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