Common Name : Black-necked Grebe/Eared Grebe

Gujarati Name : શ્યામગ્રીવા ડુબકી, શિયાળુ નાની ડુબકી

Scientific Name : Podiceps nigricollis

Red Data Status : Least Concern

Bird Category : Grebes, Cormorants

Synonyms : Blacknecked Grebe, Black-necked Podiceps, Black Grebe, Eared Diver

Bird Description :


  • Small waterbird.

  • Thin, dark bill, often appearing tilted slightly upward.

  • Red eyes.

  • In summer, black with golden ear tufts.

  • In winter, black, white, and gray, with white ear patch.


Similar to winter adult, but more brownish on back and neck.