Gujarati Name : રેતીયા પેટાળ ધાનચીડી

Scientific Name : Anthus rubescens

Red Data Status : Least Concern

Bird Category : Pipits, Wagtails

Synonyms : Japanese Pipit (japonicus, American Pipit (rubescens), Titlark, Water Pipit, Farlousane Pipit

Photographer : Jaysukh Parekh

Location : Banni grassland , Kutch

Date : 10 ,Jan 2017

Remark : I always goes on a same spot repeatedly,I found rare bird or important bird like Trumpeter Finch,Spotted Sandgrouse,Cream Coloured Courser,or any rare or beautiful bird. I had seen water pipit on 9th January on that spot and went there many time.and posted some pictures too. as Buff Bellied Pipit was formaly subspecies of Water Pipit.there is very less difference.also in both subspecies of water pipit.


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