Gujarati Name : રેતીયા પેટાળ ધાનચીડી

Scientific Name : Anthus rubescens

Red Data Status : Least Concern

Bird Category : Pipits, Wagtails

Synonyms : Japanese Pipit (japonicus, American Pipit (rubescens), Titlark, Water Pipit, Farlousane Pipit

Photographer : Jaysukh Parekh

Location : Banni Grasslands, Great Rann of Kutch , Kutch

Date : 31 ,Jan 2017

Remark : Buff-bellied Pipit on the right with Water Pipit Anthus spinoletta on the left. 1. Overall back colour darker in BBP. 2. Streaks dark and extended up to lower belly in BBP. 3. Leg colour much red or dark red in BBP. 4. More pronounced malar stripe and patch in BBP. 5. Much sharper/bolder supercilium in BBP


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