Welcome! Please follow these guidelines and be part of a happy family!

BOG users may use our image hosting service and upload images.

Images can be posted in the BOG image galleries by using the "Add your Images" link provided at the top of image category.-

Please do comment on the posts of fellow photographers, they are always happy to get feedback on their posts.

Note - You must register yourself first in order to post in the galleries and to comment on images.

Please follow all posting guidelines given in detail below while posting your images on BOG. Any image found violating the posting guidelines will be promptly removed. Repeated violations will lead to disqualification from BOG and your posting rights will be withdrawn.

How to Post Images

  1. 1. The person posting the image must hold the copyright to the image.
    • o As an exception, if you are posting an image on BOG for which you do not hold the copyright, but deem it of some value to BOG viewers, kindly ensure that you have the full written consent of the original photographer who holds the copyright for that image & Video.. Kindly mention this consent as a comment in your post.
    • Posting of any pirated material is strictly prohibited!
  2. Images must be of wildlife or nature shot in Gujarat.
  3. Kindly avoid posting images of captive living beings.
  4. Kindly avoid posting images of birds shot at their nesting site.
  5. Kindly avoid posting images of feral and domestic birds.
  6. English and Gujarati will be the language of all communication within BOG.
  7. We recommend that a descriptive title be used for your post.
  8. You can post five images per day par day.
  9. While basic "post-processing" is acceptable, please do not post digitally altered or manipulated images on BOG. Images where the subject has been cut out and placed in a different background, morphed images and combining two images of the same subject into one, adding elements that were not originally preset while shooting are strongly discouraged. Remember, we do not want to see what you did not see in the first place. Basic post-processing would generally include the following:
    • Crop & Straighten - To clean up and correct any issues with composition.
    • Color Correction & White Balance - To correct any colour casts and ensure the image colour is as accurate as possible.
    • Exposure Correction - To improve the overall tonality and dynamic range of the image.
    • Contrast & Clarity - To bring back any missing punch and bring out emphasis and detail.
    • Sharpening - Where necessary to bring out any key details.
    • Burning & Dodging - Brightening or darkening specific areas in an image, but should be kept to a minimum and not done to the point where it is obvious.
  10. Suggested image size would be 1024 pixels on its longest side, including any borders or "frames" applied to the image